The difference between Fat loss and Weight loss

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

A majority of people have a lot of confusion regarding these two terms “Weight” and “Fat”. 

Is the Weight because of the Fat or is the Fat because of the Weight? Both these terminologies have been responsible for low self-esteems and a negative body image amongst a lot of us. Let’s understand their true meanings and gain some perspective.


Our body is made up of bones, muscle, fat and water. 55-65% of our body weight is owing to water. The cumulation of the weight of all these adds up to your body weight. The ratio of each these may vary from person to person.

Thus two people having the same sex, height and weight can appear drastically different. As in the image both the individuals have the same weight. But muscle is denser than fat. The leaner individual has more muscle than the fatter individual. Here the ratio of muscle: fat in both the individuals is different. In technical terms, this is known as Body Composition.


When we consume food, it is broken down into energy and dispersed into the body for various functions. This includes the brain, the internal organs and all the physical work we do each day. Whenever we consume nutrients in a quantity which is more than the quantity required for general maintenance, then the body tends to store them for future use. This storage is done in the form of adipose tissue a.k.a Fat

Fat is the tissue present in our body which reserves energy for future requirements. This is a survival mechanism designed by nature so that if the species is forced to survive without food for a long time then it can survive by utilizing the stored fat tissue.

So what should we lose.. FAT or Weight?

We should try to lose fat which results in weight loss too. When we don’t consume food beyond our requirement and indulge in regular physical exercise our body will burn the stored fat for energy requirements during exercise and post workout too. This leads to lowering of the stored fat percentage which subsequently gives a lean look to the individual.

All fat loss will lead to weight loss but all weight loss need not be fat loss. Unmindful diet habits and excessive exercising can often lead to breakage of muscle tissue. Such an individual will see a weight loss on the weighing scale but such a situation is not healthy.

Hope I have been able to bring clarity to the difference between fat loss and weight loss. Please reach out to me with your thoughts.

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